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Author:  Jeff Brenton [ Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Help us build this site!

There are two purposes to this website. One is to provide a place for those who teach motorcycle training a place to get together, and discuss common problems.

The other (and, perhaps, main one) is to provide a "one-stop" place to locate motorcycle training for all levels, from beginning to racing, without regard for any "branding" of the program. Yes, I know other sites exist, such as Wheels in Motion and Cycle Fish, but I found that many of the links in their lists were out-of-date, and some searching around found sites they had no knowledge of. And some will only list "their brand" of training... such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

As I have had time, I have built what you see at the main page through web searches, one state at a time. But I know I'm missing some within those individual states, and, I don't have time to do every state and every province.

The plan is to make a form for submission of updates... but that's not on the schedule yet. So, if you could, please send a private message (requires that you register on the board) to me, or an email to , listing the following information:

Organization's name
Website URL
State(s) they operate in
City/Zip code of site(s), if known
Phone number(s)
What levels of training (basic, intermediate,advanced, track-based) they offer

Additional information that would be helpful:

Is the cost of training subsidized for in-state residents?
Is the training eligible for a license testing waiver, or to meet requirements for state-mandated training?
Is the training accepted for on-base use by military personnel?
Is it private, or state run?

Just because I've already listed a state does not mean I have found "everything", so please, review what's there and let me know what I've missed.

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